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Delphi was formed in 2003 when The Phoenix Group partnered their 30+ year history of doing quality business in the Cayman Islands with 30+ years of IT management experience. Out of this partnership, Delphi was born. The desire was to create a team of IT professionals who would provide top-quality, professional services to Cayman Islands businesses for the implementation, maintenance and support of their computer systems and network infrastructure. Today, Delphi – which is 100% Caymanian-owned – continues to flourish as a leader in Information Systems Management.

Delphi provides friendly, reliable and professional information technology services to businesses in the Cayman Islands.


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The Phoenix Group enjoys the distinction of being the Cayman Island’s first vertically integrated group of property development professionals. The company has earned a reputation for integrity and quality that has garnered them a strong and loyal customer base. The Phoenix Group consists of Exeter Property Development; Icon Architecture; Delphi Information Systems Management; Condor Properties; and, Phoenix Construction.

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